• Proximal Measure
  • Endotracheal Tube Connection
  • Tracheostomy Connection
  • VNI Mask Connection
  • HMEF Connection
  • Y-Piece Connection

FluxMed monitors measure airway pressure and flow using a disposable proximal sensor that can be simply attached to masks, endotracheal tubes and tracheotomies.

Proximal Sensor

The Flow Sensor is designed to perform the measurements proximally, thus avoiding the error introduced by the distensibility of the hoses or possible leaks in the circuit.


The Flow Sensor complies with different tubing standards, enabling the connectivity to endotracheal tubes, tracheotomies, masks, filters, moisture and heat exchangers, Y-pieces and other elements in regard to breathing passages.

Independent from the respirator

It is possible to monitor the patient whether he is being ventilated or not, allowing for a patient’s follow-up during and after the weaning phase.

Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)

The Flow Sensor makes it possible to monitor patients with CPAP or BIPAP.