Main Features:

  • Stress Index (SI)
  • Pressure Time Product (PTP) Plot
  • Work of Breathing (WOB) – Campbell Diagram
  • Tendencies Graph
  • Record Studies
  • Signals Viewer
  • Parameters Window

Real Time

FluxView makes it possible to acquire and visualize in real time the signals and parameters of FluxMed respiratory mechanics monitor.

The FluxView together with the FluxMed:

  • Is a unique respiratory monitoring tool for visualization of the PTP and Campbell diagrams in real time
  • Automatically calculates the Stress Index
  • Can register events
  • Is a complete and easy-to-use research tool

These tools help the professional prevent risk situations, improve treatments, reduce mechanical ventilatory assistance time and improve patient care.

Continuous Monitoring

The FluxView can record long-term studies. The records are stored with the highest quality on the hard drive of the PC.

High Resolution

With the FluxView software running on a PC, it is possible to obtain with maximum detail and high resolution the signals that are acquired with the FluxMed monitor.

Large Screen

It is possible to use larger screens for greater comfort and visualization during the monitoring and assessment of the patient’s condition.

Data analysis

FluxView software saves the studies with a specific format that can be opened and analysed later with the FluxReview software.


FluxView generates the tendencies of all parameters during the monitoring.