Main Features:

  • Stress Index (SI)
  • Pressure Time Product (PTP) Plot
  • Work of Breathing (WOB) – Campbell Diagram
  • Tendencies Graph
  • Record Studies
  • Signals Viewer
  • Parameters Window

Offline Data Analysis

FluxReview makes possible the offline visualization and analysis of signals and parameters previously recorded with the FluxView software.

Main features:

  • Breath by breath analysis of recorded signals and parameters
  • Visualization of the PTP and Campbell diagrams of every breath
  • Stress Index calculation
  • Visualization of events
  • Tendency graph
  • Complete and easy-to-use research tool

FluxReview software has a similar interface to the FluxView. It’s simple and easy to use and allows the visualization of all the parameters, loops, waveforms and tendencies recorded with the FluxMed monitor.

The products FluxMedFluxView and FluxReview are in constant development thanks to the feedback of the multidisciplinary professionals that use our respiratory monitors.


The FluxReview software can be downloaded to any Windows (7 or above) computer and used to analyse recorded signals without having a FluxMed monitor connected.