CO2 Module

The FluxMed monitors have an optional CO2 measurement module. This is a mainstream measurement module that, connected to the same PC where the FluxMed monitor is connected, is integrated and synchronized to the information coming from the monitor.

The measurement of the capnography signal over time is very useful in detecting various conditions both during anesthesia and outside the operating room (especially in the intensive care unit). Among the most frequent applications are: confirmation of endotracheal intubation, monitoring of alveolar ventilation during surgery and early detection of the possibility of disconnection of the patient from the ventilator.

From a clinical point of view, very valuable information can be obtained since it also allows calculating alveolar dead space and cardiac output. The monitoring of the alveolar dead space can be very useful to evaluate the response to recruitment maneuvers and the pathophysiology of the patient’s disease (especially in ARDS and in the diagnosis of pulmonary thromboembolism).

The production of CO2 (VCO2) is the area under the curve. The expired fraction of CO2 (PECO2) is the average expired value. A new algorithm makes it possible to calculate the alveolar CO2 concentration (PACO2). Using Bohr’s equation, the physiological dead space (Vd / Vt) and its components can be calculated. All this is calculated breath by breath in a non-invasive way.



The FluxView software automatically calculates all the following parameters through an easy and user-friendly user interface.

Parameters Description
VD/Vt Bohr Ratio of physiological dead space and tidal volume calculated with the Bohr equation
VD/Vt Bohr-Enghoff Ratio of physiological dead space and tidal volume calculated with the Bohr equation
EtCO2 Concentration of CO2 at the end of expiration
SIII Slope Phase III
PACO2 Alveolar CO2 partial pressure
VCO2 Volume of CO2 produced by respiration
VTalv Alveolar current volume
PECO2 Expired fraction of CO2
VDphys Physiological dead space
VDalv Alveolar dead space
VDaw Dead space of the airway
VDaw/VT Relationship of the dead space of the airway and the tidal volume
VDalv/VT Ratio of alveolar dead space and tidal volume
VDalv/VTalv Relationship of alveolar dead space and alveolar tidal volume