About us

We are the company that exclusively distributes in Spain, the FluxMed monitoring systems


Best Medical is a medical equipment and monitoring distribution company that was created with the aim of satisfying the healthcare and research demands of healthcare professionals.

Our company exclusively distributes in Spain advanced Fluxmed respiratory mechanics monitoring equipment.


Fluxmed equipment constitutes a platform for monitoring respiratory mechanics that includes:

  • Monitoring of respiratory curves and parameters
  • Monitoring of esophageal pressure (Pes)
  • Pressure-Time-Product (PTP)
  • Campbell’s Work of Breathing Diagram (WOB)
  • Stress index (SI)
  • Volumetric capnography
  • Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)

Advanced monitoring stations

We develop Best Medical advanced monitoring stations, with all the necessary elements for complete patient monitoring with Fluxmed systems, in an easy, ergonomic and personalized way.

We collaborate with high-tech companies in the development and distribution of innovative products.

We have an advanced respiratory simulation workshop for testing equipment and prototypes.


Personalized treatment

We offer a personalized treatment adapting to the needs of each professional, with configurable products adapted to different clinical environments and different specialties.

Take a look at our products and contact us for more information.